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International Hospital Services For Revenue Cycle Management

Within a hospital, the traditional revenue cycle begins with contracting. For international providers, deciding whether or not to contract with payers is the first step. Med-X’s revenue cycle consulting division attempts to negotiate fair reimbursement levels for emergency patient admissions with different health plans. When feasible, our payer relations team will counsel clients on the benefits of either in-network or out-of-network participation.

Med-X’s international revenue cycle services for hospital clients function as a complement to their existing in-house admissions departments. Med-X’s unique solutions have allowed clients to optimize revenue and recover funds quickly.

  • Revenue Cycle consulting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Hospital In-Sourced Liaisons
  • Hospital In-House Training
  • Pre-submission claims auditing
  • Certified CPT Coders
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Expert Medical Billers
  • Reduce Denials
  • Improve Collections

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