In-House Litigation Collection Team

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In-House Litigation Team

Med-X employs a team of health care attorneys who are experts in the medical claims litigation process, concentrating on every aspect of insurance denials and appeals as well as policy benefits recovery. As lawsuits standards differ throughout the world, our legal team is consistently up-to-date with changes in the medical claims management industry and uses this unique knowledge on behalf of our clients. Client benefits include:

  • Access to a legal department that can address a full spectrum of issues confronting health care claims management
  • Expert advice on compliance issues
  • Knowledge that specializes in applicable international laws and procedures
  • Experts in applicable ERISA Title 29 U.S.C. sec. 1132 provisions as relate to assignment of benefits
  • Legal expertise in policy and benefit recovery review
  • In-House team of legal Counselors that offer availability, responsiveness and effective

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